The design of the SWPE follows the core values of “College English Teaching Guidelines” issued in 2015 and the internationally acknowledged “Common European Framework of Reference for Languages: Learning, teaching, assessment” as well as the requirements by China’s Ministry of Education on improving students’ writing proficiency and the demand of English writing proficiency in international communication. Its development and implementation will greatly facilitate students’ English learning by arousing students’ interest, enhancing their awareness of the importance of English writing proficiency and guiding them in developing writing skills.

The SWPE may also help promote college English teaching by laying more emphasis on writing training through the redesign of curriculum content, materials,

and assessment system so that college English teaching will be more standardized,

systematic and writing-oriented.

The effective implementation of the SWPE will rely on proper reform of college

English courses and development of more efficient writing courses, including

adequate class hours and enough credits. At the same time, more online writing

resources are to be developed so that students will have better conditions and more

opportunities to carry out individual and autonomous learning.

In addition, to evaluate the effect of the SWPE in an all-round way, a scientific

assessment system (such as the TWPE) is necessary to check its implementation as well

as students’ learning progress to reassure that students meet the proficiency standards.